(4) Front and Rear R4 Tires Fits Kubota BX2350D BX2370 BX2380 BX25

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You are purchasing a pair of front and rear wheel and tire assemblies

---Front Assembly Features---

Heavy Duty Wheels
Powder Coated Orange
R4 Industrial

---Rear Assembly Features---

Heavy Duty Wheels
Powder Coated Orange
Valve Stem Guard
R4 Industrial

---Front Assembly Specifications---

Wheel: Orange 4 Lug
Tire Size: 18x8.50-10
Tire Type: 4 Ply R4
Tire Rating: 1115lbs @ 10mph

---Rear Assembly Specifications---

Wheel: Orange 5 Lug
Tire Size: 26x12.00-12
Tire Type: 4 Ply K514 R4
Tire Rating: 1760lbs @ 10mph

---Fits Models---

BX2200D - BX2350D - BX2360
BX2370 - BX2370-1 - BX2380
BX23S - BX24D - BX25 - BX2230
BX25DLB - BX25DLB-1 - BX2660D
BX2670 - BX2670-1 - BX2680


K2581-18100 - K2581-18410
K2581-18610 - K2581-18620
K2581-18420 - K2581-18140
K2581-18150 - K2581-18160
K2581-18180 - K2871-18200

K2561-17100 - K2561-17410
K2561-17610 - K2561-17420
K2561-17140 - K2561-17150

Please double check model, serial and part numbers to verify fitment prior to purchase. Thanks!